Day 1

March 1, 2011

Day 1 has already come and gone.  Here is what it had in store for me…

So when I committed to this silly idea of taking a picture every day for a year and then sharing them with you I forgot to account for the fact that I am awake and not working only 1 hour (total) while the sun is up. Which makes taking pictures in day light rather difficult.  So some of my pictures might be a bit silly.

Today I was able to capture a picture, but it was not all that interesting.  So I played in Photoshop for a while and came up with a montage of one picture. Kind of like the famous Marilyn Monroe montage (google it.)

I learned to:

– use my day light hours wisely or learn to use my flash

– resize and move images in Photoshop

– use hue in Photoshop to change the overall color of the image

– use Adobe Illustrator to export the photo as a JPG

PS sorry about the poop brown background, the program I use is supposed to choose a background color that works well with the picture.

Thanks for reading and until tomorrow, goodnight!

Jenna x

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