Day 9 – Wishing for a full moon.


Crescent moon over the Oxford sky


Sorry, but I have to say WOW to myself.  I am amazed at how well this turned out.

Riding home today I thought, oh crap I forgot to take a picture today! Then I got home and the beautiful sunset that I saw riding home had gone and I was left with twilight…and still had to take a picture.  So I grabbed my camera and tripod, my dog and his leash and left for our evening walk.  I set up at the park and played with Seriph for a while waiting for the sun to get a little lower.  My intended picture (which also turned out great…just not like this) was of a brightly painted wall at the park.  It is well-lit and I thought it would stand out against a dark sky.

So, I took some shots and we walked home.  Just before we got home I looked up and saw the moon (clear skies are not usual here) and thought I would try my hand at shooting the moon. I’m glad I did.

Adjustments: None

Until tomorrow, good night!

Jenna x

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2 thoughts on “Day 9 – Wishing for a full moon.

  1. This is a thing of beauty! Lovely.

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