Day 15

So after a fairly crappy day my wonderful husband took me to dinner at the Trout…actually we had the dinner planned, but it was nice just to hang out.  The Trout is one of our favorite pubs, but it is on the far north side of Oxford so it is a pain to get to…unless we go straight after work, because it is very close to my school.  The reason this is one of our favorite pubs is because it is right on the river, it has great food, and it is a bit posh…so we feel a bit fancy when we go.  In the summer it is the perfect place to go, the outdoor seating is right next to the river and the views are perfect.

Adjustments: Exposure, contrast, RGB

Until tomorrow, good night.

Jenna x

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One thought on “Day 15

  1. Can’t wait for you to take me there!

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