Day 17 Port Meadow

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Sorry that this has nothing to do with the festivities that surround such a day, but it is not celebrate in Europe with the same vigor that it is in America.

This is the beautiful Port Meadow that runs along the west side of Oxford and along the river.  I ride past it everyday going to work and I love how the sun is up enough to see the whole meadow and the horses are out feeding when I ride by. Not to mention the city in the background.

The only problem with this picture and the rest that I took today was that they all had the spots on them from the misty rain this morning and I didn’t notice because I couldn’t really feel the moisture.  So I am sad about that.

Adjustments: contrast, color, vignette

Until tomorrow, good night!

Jenna X

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2 thoughts on “Day 17 Port Meadow

  1. Nice ride to work!

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