Day 22

Laburnum Road is just around the corner from our house.  It is a road that we walk on just about everyday when we are walking Seriph.  This day I thought the sign looked particularly photogenic because of the bright yellow flowers behind it.  All of the street signs in our neighborhood look like this one and are usually hidden to people traveling in a certain direction because there is only one sign per street.

We have lived in our house now for a year and a half and it took me almost that long to realize that the street names are trees.  We live on Maple Close and the main street is called Crabtree Road.  This must mean that Laburnum is a tree.  So, I looked it up and it is.  It is actually a very pretty tree with yellow flower cluster that hang, kind of like Wisteria.  Living in the desert has limited my knowledge of plants other than sagebrush and pine trees, so this is a welcome new educational experience for me.  Maybe, I will even look up other street names in our neighborhood.

Adjustments: Contrast, vintage, vignette

Until the next post, good day.

Jenna x

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2 thoughts on “Day 22

  1. Try and say that even once fast!

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