Day 35 Magnolias and the Radcliffe

The Magnolias have finally bloomed!  Oxford is home to hundreds of beautiful Magnolia trees which has given the city a lovely peaceful feeling.  These trees will keep their flowers for the next few weeks when slowly their petals will fall off.  The background of this picture in the famous Radcliffe Camera which was built in 1737 and is home to 600,000 of Oxford University’s books, most of which are kept beneath the streets that surround the building.

I took this picture because I love the Magnolia flowers and I think that the Radcliffe enhances the flowers’ beauty just that much more.

Adjustments: Hue, contrast

Until tomorrow, good night.

Jenna x

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One thought on “Day 35 Magnolias and the Radcliffe

  1. This is beautiful 😉

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