Day 37 Wonky Bike

There is only one way to get around in Oxford, well in my opinion.  Ride a bike.  The thing is, though, that you can’t leave your bike just anywhere because Oxford also has a really high bike theft rate.  The trick is to park in the masses and have a better lock than the person next to you… oh and don’t leave it overnight.

I saw this and I couldn’t resist taking the picture.  The bike was left on a street called Queen’s Lane. It is my favorite street in the world! It is the only street that was not changed when the city modified its streets.  From the time that you enter the street to the time that you leave,  tall rock walls surround you and create a feeling of walking into an older world, almost as if you can hear a carriage coming up the lane.  But it is not the place to leave a bike, the best part is, the bike lock is still on it.  Oh what I would give to watch someone ride this bike.

Adjustments: contrast and vignette

Until tomorrow, goodnight.

Jenna x

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