Day 53 The Tulip Festival, Istanbul 2011

When you think tulips you probably think of Holland, but Turkey is a very close second.  April 1-30th is the Istanbul Tulip Festival, where over 3 million tulips (called lales in Turkish) have been planted throughout the city.  Everywhere we walked you could see brightly colored full-grown tulips opened towards the sun; red, white, yellow, pink, and even black.  Tulips have been a historical flower in Istanbul and is still celebrated today through many types of art work.

So with all the history and 3 million tulips blooming, I couldn’t avoid taking a picture of at least one.  So here is my favorite picture.  It had been raining lightly and most of the tulips had closed up and bent over, but this one seemed to enjoy the wet weather and was still standing tall.  I, actually, impressed myself with the amount of detail in the flower and the water and how I was able to blur out the background for contrast.  I have only made minimal adjustments to this image so it is a natural shot. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Adjustments: contrast and hue

Until next time, good night!

Jenna x

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3 thoughts on “Day 53 The Tulip Festival, Istanbul 2011

  1. Beautiful photo Jenna, I saw you on Kay blog and you mention that you have went to Istanbul. I was looking to see if you had a few pictures or stories from your trip. If all goes to plan hubby and I will be going there in March:)

    • Well thank you for stopping by to take a look. There should be a few posts about our time in Istanbul, but I am not sure how informative they are. If you have a specific question or want advice please let me know, my email address is on my about me page. It really is an amazing place to visit!

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