Day 55 Call to Prayer

Have you heard that old saying, ‘curiosity killed the cat’?  Well I have and I am still always acting curious. I can’t help it!  This time my curiosity paid off.  We had come back to our hotel after dinner but Josh and I both had things that we wanted to get done before we went to bed so we went to the top floor bar in our hotel.  On the way up I had noticed a sign that said rooftop bar and wanted to go check it out (even though it was cold and windy) but they were closed.  Well I tried the door anyway and found it open.  We walked out onto the rooftop, and as we turned around this picture is what we saw, the Blue Mosques lit up.  It was so beautiful all lit up at night.  We just sat and stared at it.

As we sat looking at this amazing image the evening call to prayer rang out a crossed the city.  The call was coming at us from every direction, but mostly we could hear it coming from the minarets directly in front of us.  Traditionally, the man who says/sings the call would have to climb to the top of the minarets to announce the call to prayer.  Today speakers hang from each minaret and  the call can be heard from several mosques at the same time.

This was by far the most enchanting view of the trip, made only more majestic by the tradition of the call to prayer.  I don’t care who you are or what you believe standing there would cause anyone to reflect on their beliefs.

Adjustments: contrast, hue

Until next time, good night.

Jenna x

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