Day 65 Chef’s Masterpiece

I am very very bad at taking pictures of food.  I keep trying because I want to be good at it, but I am just not getting it.  This picture is the first food photo, that I have taken, that I am proud of.  Josh was making dinner and had set this bowl aside, it was so pretty that I had to try food photography (again.) The colors are beautiful and the contrast intriguing.  I probably took 10 or so shots inside and finally decided that I needed to move this photo-shoot into real light.  Once I did that the pictures started to turn out.  In the end we enjoyed a great meal with some of our good friends.

Adjustments: contrast, hue, saturation, REAL SUN LIGHT!

Until next time, good night.

Jenna x

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2 thoughts on “Day 65 Chef’s Masterpiece

  1. Sometimes I end up taking alot of pictures of the exact same food in varying spots of the kitchen just to get one that I like. I like the way the textures are layered in the bowl.

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