Day 67 Bluebells

It is spring in Oxfordshire, so we took a trip a few miles north to see the Bluebells in bloom.  We drove through several little towns, (called hamlets) on tiny little streets that only one car could be on at a time, just so we could wander around an ancient forest to see these flowers…It was worth it.  There were huge fields of Bluebells, the sky was blue, and the birds were out, singing. This forest is known as Wychwood forest, but you would be disappointed to find a bright path with wild flowers, deer, foxes and butterflies.  We didn’t see any witches (but we heard there are bats.)

50% of the worlds wild Bluebells currently grow in the UK.  This is probably because these flowers can only grow in a truly ancient forest.  The soil that hosts Bluebell flowers must have been continually wooded for over 400 years.

Adjustments: hue and contrast

Until next time, good night.

Jenna x

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2 thoughts on “Day 67 Bluebells

  1. Gorgeous colour. What a treat! Bluebells in the spring are a real joy. Not easy to photograph either. if the sun’s out they go purple. Kudos on the pic, and the project!

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