Day 88 Time to clean up!

I am a very lucky lady.  My husband is an amazing cook and he is always willing to make dinner, snacks, and sweet treats.  Unfortunately, two people using a little kitchen (with only our two hands as the dishwashers) can create really big messes.  This mess came after a late dinner and being too tired to do the dishes and then breakfast dishes on top of that.  Oh, how I long for the simple things in life, like a dishwasher.

Adjustments: temperature, contrast, hue

Until next time, good night.

Jenna x

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3 thoughts on “Day 88 Time to clean up!

  1. Ahhhggg ! don’t take pictures of the washing up !
    ” It will last longer ”

  2. Kieran Hamilton on said:

    I feel your pain, I would love a dishwasher. Doing the dishes are my job in my house, I’m not allowed to do other things like hoovering and stuff!

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