Day 89 Power Tower

I find myself getting very annoyed that the beautiful English countryside is tarnished with these huge metal structures.  I understand that they are important and that they were built before the idea of running wires underground came about, but they always seem to be in the way.  Well, today I decided that instead of letting this ugly contraption be in the way of the picture that it would become the subject of the picture.

I found the best (unhindered) vantage point and lined myself up the best that I could.  Standing there I thought ‘this makes me feel really small. ‘  So I set myself up to capture this feeling and lowered the camera so that it was looking up at the structure.  It seemed that even the sky wanted to show how massive and sinister the metal beams were.

Adjustments: hue, contrast, vignette

Until next time,

Jenna x

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5 thoughts on “Day 89 Power Tower

  1. Oh dear, I wonder how many “likes” you’ll get on this one. I actually think its wonderful. 🙂
    I like the geometric lines and the clear angles, and the contrast between nature and man-made.
    It also brings back memories of Paris and Blackpool.

  2. A wonderful shot of an icon of the British countryside. Like Hallysann, I think they are beautiful structures, but have a look at this website:

    The Royal Institute of British Architects are looking for ideas to improve the design of the electric pylon.

    • Well you see, I am only here to complain, I don’t actually have a good idea…other than to burying them in the ground. They are incredible structures, they just always seem to be in the way of a picture. There can be a lot of beauty in industrial structures and buildings. Thank you for enjoying the picture!

  3. didex on said:

    Wonderful shoot… 🙂

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