Day 92 Sweet Treats

Guinness cupcakes! My wonderful husband is a do-er, so he gets bored very easily and sometimes fills this boredom with cooking.  This weekend he decided to make Guinness cupcakes.  The first batch stuck in the silicone cupcake pan so we decided to use parchment paper as cupcake holders (I can’t remember what they are called.)  Also the frosting was a little bland so he added almond extract, yummy!  They taste amazing, hopefully they look amazing too.

Adjustments: hue, contrast, vignette

Until next time, good night.

Jenna x

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7 thoughts on “Day 92 Sweet Treats

  1. Mmm, they sound great.
    As a kid I had to drink Mackeson and milk.
    Sounds a bit wierd but I needed the calcium and iron from both, one evening when I had my glasses of both ready to drink, I combined the two. Mackeson and milk is a good combination.
    I was sort of conditioned to like the flavour of sweet milky stout so I guess that’s why Guinness muffins sound delicious.
    Can you share the recipe please ?

  2. I love this concept! Guinness Cup-Cakes – what an awesome idea! I’d love to try this recipe out too… 😉

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