Day 93 Memories

This flower (I’m not sure what it’s called) brings back memories of playing in my grandparents garden.  They had tons of these flowers.  Thinking back, I actually can’t remember the flowers ever opening and looking like this, they were usually closed with the yellow on top and the orange on the bottom.  Each flower looked like a little pod.  I never paid much attention to them, I alway thought they were such funny looking plants.

Adjustments: contrast and hue

Until next time, good night.

Jenna x

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3 thoughts on “Day 93 Memories

  1. Lovely, delicate colours! It looks like a “poker” of some sort..

  2. It’s a rather stunning capture of a Kniphofia, otherwise known as ‘Red Hot Poker’! They remind me of my childhood too; I thought they were surreal plants back then – and still do!

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