Day 99 Green Wheat

It’s that time of year when the wheat fields are filled with green wheat.  From our house we have two different wheat fields within walking distance, so we get to watch the process from beginning to end.  Which means, this fall you are very likely to see some rolling golden fields.

I decided again to try my hand at black and white and I think that I am getting the hang of it.  They take more time and more adjustments, but it is nice to have another option.  My next post will be in color.

Adjustments: hue, saturation, contrast, brightness, vignette

Until next time,

Jenna x


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5 thoughts on “Day 99 Green Wheat

  1. Kieran Hamilton on said:

    Awesome black and white, it almost looks like an HDR composition. I love the detail of the wheat against the blurred background. Very nice!

  2. Clearly you do have an eye for black and white – loved your rant earlier on. This is a super photo and comes out a treat in bw especially.
    I would definitely stick to colour originals which you then desaturate in PShop. Or have you tried Silver Efex Pro? A glorious plug in for PS, works a treat and allows loads of bw tricks (like adding different grain from different bw films as an overlay to the pic). All very simple – just click and drop.
    Thanks for visiting my site too – keep up the bw, from one Ansel Adams fan to another.

  3. Shawn Hand on said:

    Digging the simple but perfect contrast in the individual grains that are in focus. It’s like I can almost see the colors anyway.

    Two thumbs!

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