Day 102 How’s the Weather?

I love weather vanes!  They remind me of home, well back when home was a lot less crowded.  When I was six my parents started building a house just off Mt. Rose Hwy in Reno, NV.  Back then we were only one of, maybe, five houses and the rest of Reno’s population wasn’t there (or anywhere near there to be exact).

This picture brings so many childhood memories flooding back. I grew up with a wide blue sky, sagebrush, and jack-rabbits…a bit like in the Wild West stories.  My brother, sister, and I used to wander around in the sagebrush, which was as tall as us, looking for bugs and things to take home.  We often found ants, crickets, spiders, and (once) a scorpion. At night we would sit outside and stare up at the stars.  From our house we could see thousands of constellations, the Milk Way, and usually a shooting star or two. I used to loved sleeping with the windows open and listen to the coyotes howling when they caught their dinner.  And I remember the day that we started to lock our house doors when we went out, I was probably about thirteen.

Today, everything is different, everything has moved on.  But I will always remember how great it was to live in that house, out in my own Wild West story.

Adjustments: hue, contrast, vignette

Until tomorrow, good night.

Jenna x

PS. This photo was taken in Oxford, UK not Reno, NV, USA.

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One thought on “Day 102 How’s the Weather?

  1. I love weather vanes too, and there are so many different designs around when you look for them 🙂

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