Day 109 The Old Oak Tree

Oak trees seem to grow like crazy here, and many of them are very old.  This oak tree is in one of the wildlife preserves near our house and looks like it should be in a story book with an owl hole in the middle of it.

I took this picture because of the texture of the bark.  I like the way that it turned out, but I wish I had taken the time to adjust the aperture so that the top of the tree was a bit more out of focus.  Oh well, I now know for next time.

Adjustments: contrast, hue, vignette

Until next time, good night.

Jenna x


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6 thoughts on “Day 109 The Old Oak Tree

  1. Don Handlin on said:

    Actually I like it being in focus, it give a great depth perception.

  2. The green on this tree is phenomenal. I absolutely love the angle in which you took this picture.

  3. Cameo on said:

    One of my favorites!

  4. Dedy Iswanto a.k.a Didex on said:

    Wow,,, Like this One,,,, Low angel hah… nice picture

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