Day 111 Dinner Guest

I LOVE peacocks!  I will at some point own one or two…no really.

My grandparents had peacocks when I was little.  They just used to hang out in our backyard, walking around looking pretty.  I would take peacock feathers to school and give them away to my friends, and I swear that I got a better reaction than if they were roses.

Anyway, this guy (and it is a guy because he is so pretty) decided that he should have been invited to my Last Day at Work Party. He wandered all around the table, on the rock wall by the river, and finally in a chair.  That is when I realized he didn’t give a poop about my party.  He just wanted the crumbs off the other table. So disappointed.

Adjustments: (taken with my point and shoot Cannon) hue, contrast, saturation, exposure, sharpening, Gaussian blur

Until next time, good night.

Jenna x


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4 thoughts on “Day 111 Dinner Guest

  1. Didex on said:

    Great Post

  2. They are awesome creatures and such prima donnas! At Heale Gardens in Wiltshire they have one which flirts with the ornamental chickens; it’s hilarious!

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