Day 117 A Walk in the Mizzel

So when it is not quiet raining but it is more that just mist, I call it mizzle. We get mizzle every so often, the worst is when you’re cycling because the water just hangs in the air and gets in your eyes.  But it makes for good pictures.  It is nice because you don’t have direct sunlight, you don’t have shadows, and best of all you don’t have people (most are smart enough to stay inside).

This plant was intriguing because the water just sat in little beads along the leaves.  This is where a macro-lens would have been great to get a close-up of the water beads.

I did enjoy turning this image into a black and white picture though.  I am getting quicker at finding the correct adjustments  and more confident in the finished image.Adjustments: (color) hue, contrast (B&W) Hue, contrast, saturation, exposure

Until next time, good night.

Jenna x

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5 thoughts on “Day 117 A Walk in the Mizzel

  1. nice2x. how’d u get that rate thing on there? hehe

  2. Mizzle ! Great name for it.
    This must be the weather when you get home and your hair is wet but you can’t remember it raining 🙂

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