Help! Up coming photo contest…

I am submitting some pictures for an upcoming photo contest and could really use your help.  Please visit the pictures or just send me a note on your favorite picture.  The one with the most votes will be the one that I send.

The first one is on bridges, here are the contests:





Thank you so much for helping out!!!

Jenna x

The contests are through

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7 thoughts on “Help! Up coming photo contest…

  1. I like Trout Inn Bridge, Daffodil Hill, Latch. I hope that helps. Good luck in the comp

  2. My favorite ones are
    Forth Rail Bridge, Scotland
    Daffodil Hill
    Brick Wall

    Hope it helps, and good luck!

  3. Josh on said:

    It’s most difficult to decide on a favourite bridge pic, they’re all so good. The Bridge of Sighs is so commonly photographed that, unless the photo comp judges have never seen Oxford, it’s less interesting than the others. I like the way the winter tree frames Forth Rail Bridge, as if nature can soften idustrial impact; which probably makes me slightly favour it. But I think the bridge in Trout Inn Bridge is so intruiging, as if its flimsy legs should buckle under the turbulent waters.

    The other two categories are a bit easier. Daffodil Hill for sure – it’s such a unique prespective. And while I like Fern better as a photo, the pattern in Brick Wall is clearly the subject of that photo, so probably makes it more fitting of the category.

    Best of luck!

  4. My votes go for the Trout Inn Bridge, Daffodil Hill, and as for the Brick Wall, that goes without saying.
    Good luck with the comp 🙂

  5. Don (dad) Handlin on said:

    Well I like all of them for different reasons but for a contest I would picl Trout Inn Bridge, Daffodil Hill and Brick Wall. Very well done on all of them and good luck.

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