Day 127 Just a Baby Cow

Port Meadow is filled with cows this time of year.  It seems like there could be hundreds of them.  Several of the cows are still babies that were born this spring.

I had actually stopped to take a picture of the baby swans that I had seen and this little guy wandered right up to me, well he (not really sure if it is a boy or a girl) was about 5 meters away, but didn’t seem to mind that I was moving and taking pictures of the swans.  He looked at me and then started eating.  I turned to take a picture of him, and as soon as the camera clicked from the first picture (the one in this post) he started to walk back towards the rest of his cow family.  This was the only shot I got that didn’t include his rear end.

Adjustments: hue, contrast, brightness, vignette

Until next time.

Jenna x

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One thought on “Day 127 Just a Baby Cow

  1. Brave little chap … did you know that cows eyes maginfy everything ? A cow looking at you would see you as the same size as we would see a house ! Either very brave … or very naive 🙂

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