Day 130 Globe Thistle Bloomed

The Globe Thistle has bloomed!  I think that it is so pretty.  The little petals look like star fish.  These were a favorite new flower (actually a weed) when we moved to Oxford.

Flowers (or plants in general) in England have been a fun discovery.  Coming from the desert of Northern Nevada, where the state flower is Sagebrush, and you can see Sagebrush for miles and miles, and sometimes the Sagebrush is accompanied by a cactus; I was not exposed to much variety in vegetation.

Plants here remind me of plants in books by Dr. Seuss, who studied at Oxford University.  It is clear where his inspiration for plants came from; if only I knew how he came up with all of those crazy words and rhymes.

Adjustments: Hue and contrast

Until next time, good night.

Jenna x

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6 thoughts on “Day 130 Globe Thistle Bloomed

  1. Very Very Beautiful Image…. Lovely Lovey…. Wow…. \(^_-)> Have a nice day….

  2. Who would have thought something so dainty and pretty would come out of a thistle.
    Lovely 🙂

  3. mewithmycamera on said:

    love it , love it, love it! Did I mention I love it!

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