Day 134 Colors

One of the things that we have collected to help us remember our time in Oxford is our Definitive Oxford Pub-Crawl poster.  It is a black and white poster with pictures of the pubs in and around Oxford.  As we visit a pub we color it in.  When we have visited all of the pub locations on the map we will have it mounted and framed.

I am not sure why (probably a touch of OCD) but I had all of the colors lined up in order of the rainbow, and because that looked so pretty I arranged them into an organized little fan. As I was working on filling in another pub (or two) I thought that this would be a good photo opportunity.  I took several pictures from all different angles and depths of field.  I changed the lighting and moved the table closer to the window.  I spent a lot of time taking this picture and learning about how my camera works, I am as happy with the amount I learned as I am with the picture.

Until next time,

Jenna x

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4 thoughts on “Day 134 Colors

  1. Great idea, I’ve seen the t-towel but not the poster. I used to colour with the kids when they were small, we’d open the colouring book to a page which wasn’t done on either side then colour a side each. Brings back lots of happy memories, thanks.

  2. I like this photo a lot, it’s quite fun and I like that you photographed the poster as well as the pencils.

  3. Androgoth on said:

    Yes I wonder if you will be adding a photograph
    of the completed poster, now that really would make
    an ideal addition to your quest don’t you think? 🙂


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