Day 140 Flint and Brick

In Norfolk flint is easy to come by.  Many of the oldest buildings were built with the beautiful rock.  Some of the newer, more modern buildings were built with flint and brick.  I like the way they contrast each other.  The flint is unpredictable and unorganized, while the brick is perfectly formed and needs to be set in an organized manner.

Adjustments: contrast, hue, saturation, vignette

Until next time,

Jenna x
This is the same picture with the same adjustments except for the saturation, or denaturation.

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9 thoughts on “Day 140 Flint and Brick

  1. Beautiful shot of this lovely wall and door. I really like the composition and the treatment you’ve used. Very nice.

  2. I like the way the dark image matches my feeling of flint as a fire-starter, something burnt, it makes the texture of the flint stand out.

  3. lovely capture…

  4. Wow.. the detailing on that door looks absolutely amazing. I can’t stop looking at it. Beautiful.

  5. I like the way the brick looks like the framework and the flint looks like it’s just been poured in and left to set. 🙂

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