Day 150 Baseball!

Baseball is America’s past time, well some of Americas past time anyway.  While I was home this summer I was able to go to one of the baseball games at the Aces Ballpark.  The Reno Aces are the Triple-A team for the Arizona Diamondback who (as of now) are going to be in the playoffs.  The Aces are in their third season in this new ballpark and it seems that they are popular with the local community.

Adjustments: None

Until next time,

Jenna x

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5 thoughts on “Day 150 Baseball!

  1. I’d really love to witness such a baseball match 🙂 Someday…

    By the way, could you explain me the way you use “as of now” in your text? I can’t understand it’s meaning. Please forgive my ignorance .

    See you!

    • I love that you asked me to clarify, what I said. It means your learning and I appreciate that. When I said ‘as of now’ I meant at this point in time or right now, but it could change. So right now the Diamondbacks baseball team will play in the playoffs, but they could lose so they might not play in the playoffs. Do you understand that better?

  2. I just love this photo. And the baseball game looks like a lot of fun. Love it

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