Day 162 Understanding the Impact

When I woke up this morning the first thing I heard on the radio was that Steve Jobs had pasted away after his long battle with cancer.  I wasn’t shocked, but I was sad.  Sad for his family, sad for his companies, and surprisingly, sad for myself.  I could not explain this feeling and had to remind myself that I did not personally know Mr. Jobs and just tried to get on with my day.

As I listened to the radio, checked Facebook, and read news articles. I was shocked to see how many other people seemed to be reacting the same way that I had.  Even Amazon has a little box at the top right of the page that says “Steve Jobs 1955-2011” and news reporters talked about him in a shockingly passionate way. I wonder why his death was effecting so many people so strongly.

Maybe it was because he was so young and battled cancer, maybe some are worried that Apple will not be as innovative without him, or maybe it is because he had wormed his way into our homes and our hearts without us knowing. After all, how many homes are without a Mac or an iPhone or an iPod?  And how many of you have not seen Toy Story, Cars, Monsters Inc. or Finding Nemo?

I know that I love my Mac!  I have used my Mac to make movies, store hundreds and hundreds (possibly thousands now) of pictures, I type letters, pay bills, organize my ideas, and I listen to my music.  I run with my iPod and use the apps on my iPhone.  I can easily say that he has managed to worm his way into my home and I’m ok with that!

He was a great innovator, a strong leader, and a convincing salesman.  I know that the people at Apple and Pixar will miss him, but not as much as his wife and children.  My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends, may they find comfort in each other and in the memories of the man that they loved.

Until next time,

Jenna x





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7 thoughts on “Day 162 Understanding the Impact

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Well put Jenna. Thanks for the great tribute. 🙂

  2. What w wonderful tribute. He was such an amazing man. I think for him, it was more about creating unique items.. then about topping another company. I have no clue how Apple will continue on without him.. we’ll just have to wait and see

  3. Great, jenna, amazing tribute! (Much better than mine lol! I’m two days later, I couldn’t write it down before!!! damnit :P)

    His death affected me on the same way as well, and I even do not own a Macintosh ( but I do own a pair of Iphones, 3 and 4…soon 5 I hope :P)

    MrJobs always in our minds and hearts!

  4. I’ve had one Macintosh after another since the first 128K model in 1985. All the creative things I’ve done since then have been on a Macintosh, so I, too, feel the loss the way so many other people do.

    Steve Schwartzman

  5. Nice post Jenna.
    I wrote something similar as part of my 365 project:


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