Day 165 Christ Church College

If you are ever in Oxford, I would suggest that you visit Christ Church College.  The south garden is a must do, it is free to wander around in and I think that they are beautiful all year-round.  If you want to go into the college, there is a fee but there is so much history and the architecture is wonderful to look at.  Also this college is famous for its inspiration to great writers such as Lewis Carol, in his book Alice in Wonderland, little doors and narrow passages played an important role in the story.  It have also been the setting in shows and films like Inspector Morse (now Inspector Lewis) and as the dinning hall in the Harry Potter movies. The above picture was taken in the center quad.  I like this picture because of the texture of the building and the way that the blocks show individual colors and characteristics.

The picture below is an inner courtyard and probably my favorite place in the college.  It is a place that was intended to inspire peace and prayer.  There are two olive trees planted in the corner just to the right of the picture with the inscription “The leaves of the tree are the healing of the nations.” (not pictured because of construction) and this fountain is inscribed with Psalms 150 which tells about praising God with music, songs, and dance.  This area is peaceful in the middle of a busy college, in the middle of a busy city.Until next time,

Jenna x

Adjustments: Christ Church Courtyard: contract, hue, sharpening, and vignette

Fountain of Faith: contrast, hue, saturation, Gaussian Blur, vignette

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6 thoughts on “Day 165 Christ Church College

  1. I’ve walked past the front of Christchurch on the way to the river but have never been inside it, thanks. 🙂

  2. I like your choice of focus in the second shot 🙂

  3. Try Teddy Hall for the opposite effect – tiny litle quad, and a very rustic church and graveyard to the left. Very sweet.

    • Thank you. I just looked into the college and will take a look while I am in the city tomorrow. I just wanted to say that your blog name is absolutely brilliant!! Thank you for taking a peak at my pictures today!

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