Day 167 Toys

When you have visitors you get to go and do all the touristy things in town.  One of the things we did while my grandparents-in-law were visiting was to go to the top of the oldest church tower and look out at the city.  I know that what we saw was not even remotely close to what the original builders and guards saw.  Actually, I don’t think that much of what we could see was the same from even 50 years ago.  But some sights do remain the same over many years.  This sign looks like it might have been from a generation or two before me.  How many more generations will get to see this same view?

I’m kind of frustrated because the colors in this top picture were so much brighter before I put it on WordPress, the reds were amazingly bright.Until next time, good night.

Jenna x

Adjustments: Color: hue, saturation, sharpening, Gaussian Blur, vignette

Black and White: hue, contrast, unsaturation, Gaussian Blur, vignette, crop

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2 thoughts on “Day 167 Toys

  1. I took some friends around Oxford a couple of months ago, it’s strange seeing the city through the eyes of a visitor. I couldn’t get over how many things that I thought of as “normal”, they thought were wonderful. It made me look with new eyes. 🙂

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