Day 176 Spires Skyline

There are really only two hills in Oxford, Boars Hill (near where I live) and Headington Hill (opposite end of the city).  The picture that I am using at the top of the webpage is the view of the city from the Boars Hill area, near the golf course.  This picture is from the Headington Hill area at the top of South Park.  Personally, I like the view from Boars Hill better.  It seems more spirery (I know that is not a word, but I don’t know how else to describe a lot of spires) and impressive.  But, this is the view that people use more often, I have seen it as a logo on work vans, post cards, and Christmas cards.  Maybe there was a time when the trees weren’t so big and the spires stood out above the city.  That would look nicer, but I don’t want people to go around cutting tress down.

Another thing that I like about this picture are the clouds.  They seem so dramatic and intimidating (they did open up and rain really hard on us for about 15 minutes) but the spires are highlighted by the sun that is shining though.

Until next time,

Jenna x

Adjustments: hue and contrast

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7 thoughts on “Day 176 Spires Skyline

  1. The spires do look good shining against the thundery clouds don’t they.
    Nice picture. 🙂
    I can’t work it out though, can you see from one hill to the other ?

    • Thank you. You can see Headington Hill from Boars Hill because there are mostly farm fields on it, but you can’t see Boars Hill from Headington Hill because the trees are too tall.

      • In the picture at the top (the banner picture) you can see Headington Hill on the right of the picture. It is covered with tons of trees.

  2. I agree, the clouds in this photo are dramatic and absolutely amazing. I always look up at the sky (when I can) at sunset.. the clouds are stunning. Love this photo

  3. Love the spires! And I guess the clouds are pretty much what it’s always like here…

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