Day 179 The Art of Science

During scientific explorations we can learn about so many wonderful things. We learn about things like the great big universe and about the tiniest micro organisms working in our bodies. Because science is a very broad subject, magnificent things are being explored and discovered every day by millions of people all around the world.  These are the people that we have to thank for new life saving medication, better understanding of our bodies, more fuel efficient cars, satellites, mobile phones, energy efficient lights and TV’s, discoveries of new animals or plants, and so much more.

This picture is of my husbands lab bench in the Sir William Dunn School.

Until next time,

Jenna x

Adjustments: contrast, hue, clarity, vignette

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One thought on “Day 179 The Art of Science

  1. Great picture, it makes me want to tap them with a pencil to see what tune I can make. 🙂

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