Day 180 Natural Beauty

It was a misty morning and a blanket of dew covered the cars, grass and it had collected on the spider’s webs.  I  was so beautiful, the way the light was shining on the water that had collected on the webs.

I have always loved the natural beauty and geometry of a spider’s web.  Usually, these webs are torn down by their owner every night and rebuild the next morning to keep them maintained.  One morning I sat in the back garden with my coffee and watch them as they came out and rebuilt a perfect new web.

*Maybe now is a good time to say that I am not a very big fan of spiders, well at least I’m not any more.  When you live in the UK (at least in Oxford) you will find tons of spiders starting in late June.  One day I counted 15 spiders within 10 feet of my back door. They still make beautiful webs though.

Until next time,

Jenna x

Adjustments: Spider web 1-vignette, contrast /Spider web 2-contrast, de-saturation, vignette

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8 thoughts on “Day 180 Natural Beauty

  1. Hi I have looked for a really good spiderweb pic for ages and only found a few, yours is really good i would really like a copy if its a cool idea…i have a spider who lives in my car wing mirror (lots of old cars over the years always a spider…the same one??) i had the car jet washed the other day…and found myself worrying about whether it had been washed away…ditto travelling places!!

  2. We have so many spiderwebs outside our windows, and every time they capture the light, I just want to whip out an amazing camera to get a shot! I don’t own such a camera, though, so I think I’ll just admire yours. Great pictures!

  3. Random spiders or spiderman?? Such a spiderweb could only be done by him! 😛

    nice shots Jenna 🙂

  4. Love the way this web is suspended between the seed heads. Very nice.

  5. I have been picturing a web over the past couple of weeks and I just went searching on google for a spiderweb picture to use for my next blog entry and found this. It’s perfect. I know this post is kind of an old one, so I hope you see this message. Would you mind if I used your photo and attached a link back to your page? I’m not a photographer so I promise that I am not trying to claim your work as my own 🙂

    • Hi Maria,

      Thank you so much for asking! I would love for you to use this picture. I am glad that you like it as much as I did!

      I read through some of your blog, and found it very inspirational. I wish you the best of luck with your blog and your life adventures!


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