Day 185 White Hart Pub

This pub is out in a little town called Wytham (White-um).  It is the little town that I rode through to go to work last year.  I went back to visit one of the teachers out there because I got a new job teaching year 1 and 2 and wanted to visit her class to get some tips for my own classroom.  Riding back through I remembered how much I love this ride and how this is a place that I never want to forget.  So I stopped and took a few pictures to help me remember this cute little hamlet in the middle of nowhere, yet so close to Oxford.

This pub is on the main street, which houses a pub, a church, and a little tea house/market.  I’m not really sure what else they need.

Until next time,

Jenna x

Adjustments: brightness, vignette, hue, saturation

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5 thoughts on “Day 185 White Hart Pub

  1. Androgoth on said:

    Yes how very quaint my friend,
    and I always like these village pubs 🙂


  2. This pub almost reminds me of a small cottage home. It just looks amazing. Wonderful shoot

  3. love the sight of this… little cozy village pub 🙂

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