Day 190 Bye-bye Spiders

I am so glad that spider season is almost over.  I know they have a job in the world and I really do appreciate less tiny bugs flying around, but why must I have 11 of them living just outside my back door?!  Can’t they rid the world of little insect someplace else?  Like at the back of the garden? Or in someone else’s garden?

Until next time,

Jenna x

Adjustments: Sharpening

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4 thoughts on “Day 190 Bye-bye Spiders

  1. We had a terrible spider problem in our flat. Glad to know it’s just a season and not the whole year, though we did find one only a couple days ago… But we had HUGE ENORMOUS spiders crawling around, which were pretty scary. *shivers*

    • Yes only seasonal! Thank goodness…although I just found a huge nest in the gate near our backdoor. Yours should go away soon, if not, you do have a spider problem.

  2. I am not a spider fan.. I had to struggle to even look at this photo.. which is brilliantly taken by the way 🙂

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