Day 193 Make a Wish

I wish I understood essentialism and moral luck, the young scholar thinks as he sets his offering on the stone perch, desperation flooding through him.

We walked past this guy, who was hiding in the very back corner of the garden at Merton College and I was having a hard time understanding why people put money on this statue.  Finally, we reasoned that it must be the wishing statue, where the students go to make wishes.

I have no idea how old this tradition might be, but I hope that it is an old one and I hope that it continues.  I like old ideas and traditions being pasted down from generation to generation.

Until next time,

Jenna x

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6 thoughts on “Day 193 Make a Wish

  1. thats allot of wishes!! I wonder how many came true?

  2. The colors int his statue look absolutely amazing. You really captured this amazingly

  3. I’ve tried googling the Merton College statues to find out about the pennies but drew a blank so we’ll have to stick to our imaginations instead.
    Very often the imagination comes up with a much more real explanation anyway. 🙂

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