Day 194 Philosophia

The entire point of Oxford is to house a university that, at one point, was the entire city.  It is a place where people come, from all over the world, to learn and explore with hopes and aspirations of becoming one of the greats of the world.

Did you know that Oxford University has produced 26 British prime ministers, several international prime ministers and presidents, king and queens, lords and ladies, saints, authors, composers just to name a few.  It is always impressive to look at the list of Oxford Alumni; CS Lewis, Bill and Chelsea Clinton, Oscar Wilde, Dr Seuss, JRR Tolkien, Lewis Carroll, Stephen Hawking, Hugh Grant, and Albert Einstein have all graced Oxford with their presence.

This is the library of All Souls College which was founded in 1438.

Until next time,

Jenna x

Adjustments: contrast, hue, brightness, saturation, vignette, cropping and straightening

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8 thoughts on “Day 194 Philosophia

  1. I love your pictures of “inside Oxford” I’ve wandered around the outside of these wonderful buildings with my camera but have never quite worked out how or where I’m allowed to go in.
    Thanks. 🙂

    • Once a year Oxford has Oxford Open Doors Day and most of the colleges are open and free to go into. It is usually around the 10th of September. If you are free next year when they have it you really should go. It is so amazing to see these buildings from the inside!

  2. I had no idea that many people have been to Oxford. Very nice.

  3. Missed All Souls during this year’s Open Doors. Ah well…next year for sure! The picture is awesome. =)

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