Day 202 T is for Turkey and Q is for Queen

This is a meal fit for a Queen, luckily that queen is me!  We spent the day making delicious Turkish meze’s.  All in all it was not that hard and the food lasted us all week as an appetizer or a full lunch.  And even though it took about 4.5 hours to make everything I would definitely do it again. The above picture is Nuska Boregi, which means triangle pastries.  We filled the pastries with feta, egg and green onion, then folded them into triangles like you would fold a flag or a paper football. Then they were lightly fried in a pan with a shallow but hot layer of oil.  They took about 30 minutes to make and tasted great dipped in a garlic yogurt.

In the picture below there is cacik (top left), pita bread (top middle), hummus (top right), feta and olives (left center), patlican ezmesi (center), and kabak mucveri and nuska borgi (bottom).

Cacik – thick yogurt, cucumber and mint

Hummus- pureed chick peas

Patlican Ezmesi- pureed egg-plant (aubergine in the UK)

Kabak Mucveri- zucchini fritters (corgette in the UK)

Nuska Borgi- triangle pastries filled with feta, egg, and green onions

Until next time,

Jenna x

Adjustments: Top: Vignette — Bottom: contrast, brightness, hue, vignette

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One thought on “Day 202 T is for Turkey and Q is for Queen

  1. This definitely looks like a feast.. wonderfully delicious. Love the photo.. now I’m hungry lol

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