Day 206 A Pint and a Book

The hubby and I went out for a pint and some American football at the Royal Blenheim Pub.  When we sat down at the table I found this book hiding under the menu.  I was worried that someone had left it there so I pulled the book out and noticed the sticker at the top. It said “This book now belongs to you’.  I did one of those silly things where you look around you to make sure that it really means you…and sure enough it really did mean me!  I opened the book and found another, much larger sticker saying that this book is part of an obscure book swap.  You take it read it and then leave it some place else so that a new read can take it home.  There is also a website where you can upload a photo of where you found the book, as well as rate the book after you have read it, then watch the book travel around. I LOVE this idea!  I wanted so badly to take part in the book swap, but sadly this book did not interest me enough so I left it for someone else who will hopefully appreciate and enjoy it more than I would have.

Until next time,

Jenna x

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8 thoughts on “Day 206 A Pint and a Book

  1. Love the book swap idea! I’m going to keep my eye out for rogue books lying around Oxford now! And really cool picture, btw. My ideal setting, always.

  2. obrienspix on said:

    Gotta love a picture of some good beer….lol

  3. This book swap sounds so darn cool. I love it. And wonderful story to go along with a beautiful shot 🙂

    • Isn’t it so cool! I really want to do this…I just need a truck load of books and some stickers to tell people what to do with the books, oh yeah and a website to track everything.

  4. I like the book swap idea, I imagine the “book resistance” would be leaving books around at internet cafes … Guerrilla warfare. !

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