Day 248 Siena Cathedral

This beautiful medieval cathedral is called il Domo di Siena.  It dates back to 1215 and is the highlight of Siena.  I found it hard to capture the whole building so I decided to share a few pictures that highlight the stunning features of the captivating building.

I chose the top image because I love how the angel is standing high above as if he just came down from heaven.  The angle of the picture and the thick clouds add to his majestic being.

I chose the second image mostly because I love the way the sky is reflected and distorted in the window, and because it give you a chance to see the colors and detail that was put into the making of this cathedral nearly 800 years ago. A powerful message to all who stand in her shadow.

Until next time,

Jenna x

Adjustments: (top) contrast, hue, saturation, brightness, vignette (bottom) contrast, hue, vignette, sharpness

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5 thoughts on “Day 248 Siena Cathedral

  1. I LOVE the way the sky frames the second photo as well. It just adds to the beauty of it. And the first photo.. well that goes without saying that I love that one 😉

  2. I thought it was stained glass until you said the sky was reflected and distorted in the window. It’s beautiful.

  3. Beautiful, very dramatic. 🙂

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