Day 256 Spiral Patterns

I stood here and waited for ages to get a picture without any people.  As you can see I failed but I tried.  It was crazy because a huge way of people would go and just as they got to the bottom more people would go.  I had to deal with the kids running down and the elderly dawdle down, people taking pictures looking up, and the security guards giving me funny looks.  But it was worth it, I love the design on the hand rail and the symmetry.

Until next time,

Jenna x

Adjustments: contrast, hue, saturation, healing, gaussian blur, sharpening, temperature,

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5 thoughts on “Day 256 Spiral Patterns

  1. That’s a beautiful shot. I know what you mean about waiting for everyone to clear the scene — sometimes it just never happens 🙂

  2. It is beautiful … and well woth the wait. 🙂

  3. WOW.. okay I am left speechless in regards to this photo as well. I mean.. WOW

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