Day 265 The Roman Colosseum

An interesting set of pictures.  The Roman Colosseum during the day and at night. Besides the obvious change in background color the only other thing that stands out to me is that just as many people hang out here at night as in the day.

Some fun facts about the Colosseum:

1) Construction was started in 72A.D. as directed by the Emperor Vespasian.

11) It could hold over 50,000 people

111) At the time meat was a luxury that only the wealthy (and farmers) could afford, but to keep the people of Rome interested in the Gladiator fights and animal hunts, the meat was given to the locals

1v) The Colosseum was built in  three different layers.  The first was only two stories high, the second added on layer was added on top to add seating for the poor or common people, and the third was just a fake wall around the outside to make the whole thing look much bigger than it actually was.

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Jenna x

Adjustments: night-contrast, hue, brightness, exposure, hue, vignette — Day- contrast, hue, sharpness, vignette

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6 thoughts on “Day 265 The Roman Colosseum

  1. Love that you have it at night and during the day.

  2. njbrideau on said:

    I like that you got two similar shots to compare day vs night. I was amazed how much modern stadiums are just like this one, given that this building is so old.

  3. Great shots and I love the contrast of night and day. What an impressive place.

  4. Love the facts about the coliseum. I knew you were going to have a photo of it.. and I was waiting patiently too lol. I LOVE these photos. I can’t wait to see this in person

  5. Nice! I’ve pinned your picture on Pinterest. Beautiful photo!

  6. This must have struck a chord in the back of my brain somewhere. I very often put a dvd on when I go to bed and yesterday after looking at your pictures here I found myself dozing off to Russell Crowe in Gladiator. 🙂

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