Day 267 Broken Ruins

This is my last Italy picture. 😦 That means that I did not spend enough time there!  I loved our trip through northern Italy.  The food, the wine, and the people were amazing.

This picture is of on of the old ancient columns that lines the Roman Forum.  The Forum was originally the local market place and social gathering place to catch up on the most current gossip.  It would have been like meeting your friends for coffee, exchanging stories, and then running your errands.  Slowly over time political speeches were made here and  victory marches.  Soon criminal trials and elections were held in the Forum, diving out the locals and the merchants.  Today it is a beautiful area filled with marble ruins, gardens, and pools leaving the outline of how the Forum was once set up.  Its ruined state has exposed the insides of the Forum, showing just how sophisticated the Romans were in their architecture.  It is amazing what they would build and use all those thousands or years ago.

Until next time,

Jenna x

Adjustments: contrast, hue, saturation cropping, sharpening

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6 thoughts on “Day 267 Broken Ruins

  1. njbrideau on said:

    I still have to go through all my pictures, but yours are so good that it will look like we went on two completely different trips. Thanks for sharing so many.

  2. This column must have been really beautiful in it’s hayday.
    It can still hold it’s own, drawn the camera and raise a smile so many hundreds of years later. 🙂

  3. I know you will miss Italy, because I will miss visiting Italy through your photographs. Until the next trip :). And I love the ruins you captured

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