Day 285 A Sailor’s Sunset

When I was little my dad always used to say “Red skies in the morning, a sailor’s warning. But Red skies at night, a sailor’s delight.”*  Well this night is definitely a delight.  I was riding my bike home, watching the sky change from a gloomy wet day to a lovely bright sky that seemed to make the rain and the yuck worth it.  It was like seeing a bright rainbow, they are the treasures of a rainy sky.

Until next time,

Jenna x

*Here in England the saying goes “Red skies in the morning, a shepard’s warning. But Red skies at night, a shepard’s delight.”

Adjustments: contrast, hue, saturation, sharpness

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6 thoughts on “Day 285 A Sailor’s Sunset

  1. globalmedscanada on said:

    Very Beautiful

  2. obrienspix on said:

    Love this shot Jenna.

  3. My mum always used the shepherd version and I stil repeat the saying each time I see a red sky, lovely picture. 🙂

    • My God-mother says shepherd too, that is the only reason that I know that version. I also say the saying every time I see a beautiful sunrise or sunset, my poor kids will grow up hearing it, just like I did.

  4. I learned that saying from my hubby after I moved here! Beautiful photo.

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