Day 292 Vision Check

I was riding my bike to work, a long while ago now, on a very windy day.  There was a strong gust and I got something in my eye.  I stopped riding and tried to fish it out, but with no luck.  So, I got back on my bike and slowly made my way into work.  I went straight to the bathroom to use the mirror, but still could not find the debris in my eye.  I wondered around for the next two days with the minor irritation before I finally made an appointment at the eye hospital.  At my appointment the Dr. gave me an eye wash and antibacterial goo that I had to use for a week.  Eventually, the redness and swelling went down and my eye is now back to normal.

While I was in the consultation room waiting to see the Dr.  I took a picture of the eye chart.  I think this seemed interesting to me because for as long as I can remember I have had to visit the optometrist once a year for my annual check up and prescription adjustment. Then I had Lasik eye surgery and I LOVE it!  No more contacts, glasses, or annual eye exams.

But seeing this eye chart reminded me of my other life, that old life of constant worry about my eyes and my vision.  The pang in my heart told me to take a picture to remind me, not only of my old life, but also of my new life!

Until next time,

Jenna x

Adjustments: contrast, sharpness, brightness, hue, cropping, straightening

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6 thoughts on “Day 292 Vision Check

  1. O D H K R …. Strange, I’ve been reading these charts since I was about four years old and my brain knew instinctively what I was supposed to do with it.

  2. globalmedscanada on said:

    very creative !!!

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