Day 297 German Sweets

Our first night in Berlin for the famous German Christmas Markets.  Too excited to stay in our room despite the cold temperatures,  dark skies, and not knowing ANY German we set out to find the markets and hopefully something yummy to eat.  We were greatly rewarded with all sorts of stands set up selling everything from bratwurst to candied apples.  My personal favorite was the gluhwien (aka spiced wine or mulled wine).  There are not many things that warm you up better than a mug of warm spiced wine.

It was a lovely way to start our Christmas holiday season!

Until next time,

Jenna x

Adjustments: exposure

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9 thoughts on “Day 297 German Sweets

  1. seems somewhat out of place in June but i love it

  2. mmmmmmh … Glühwein. Even though, it is in the middle of summer, I already am looking forward to winter-season again. Hot wine, with cinnamon, orange slices and stuff only my grandma knows… And there is hardly anything better to warm up for the gruntly Berlin-people, too 🙂 Hope, you had a good time in Berlin? Cheers!

  3. Hubby drove us to a Christmas Market in Birmingham but it was so crowded it was difficult to get the camera out, let alone get a good shot of anything. Great to see the same thing, with less people, in your photo. 🙂

  4. Let me just say.. I’ve missed your photos. You have such an incredible talent. Love this shot

    • Ah thanks Miss Kay, I have been so overwhelmed with life this past year and something had to give. I am still taking pictures (even professionally now) and I hope to start another blog soon!!

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